15 Yoga Poses to Get Pregnant


At present time, major aspects that affect the fertility of women are- lack of ovulation, endometriosis, fibroids etc. occurs due to hormonal issues and for wrong diet choices. PCOS is one of the contemporary issues of infertility. PCOS literally means Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome’, in which the sex hormones of a woman i.e.- estrogen and progesterone go out of balance. It affects women’s menstrual cycle, it can often lead to ovarian cysts and in furtherance affects the cardiac functions as well.

Causes Of PCOS:

The specific cause of PCOS is unknown, but doctor suspect that the hormonal imbalance is the main factor. Sometimes, PCOS is genetic. If one’s mother or sister has PCOS, it can be transmitted to her also. Another contributing factor is production of androgen in a woman body. Women having PCOS produce higher level of androgen than others and it affects the development and release of eggs during ovulation.

Symptoms Of PCOS:

The symptoms of PCOS can be seen after the menstrual cycle starts for the first time. As PCOS causes decrease of female sex hormones, it develops certain male characteristics in their body. Such as-

Decrease in breast size.

Excess hair in chest, face, thumbs, and toes.

Deeper voice.

Yoga For PCOS To Get Pregnant: Being a woman can only make you feel how important it is to experience motherhood. But complications and medications do not always co-operate with each other and thus many women miss the feeling of being mother, many suffer from miss carriage and go through depression. To have PCOS or any fertility issues are not in women’s hands. But sometimes, some therapies, apart from medication can also help. Yoga for PCOS to get pregnant is one among the most accepted one by women.

Though medical science points out the causes of PCOS, yoga adds some more, such as, stress and strain, anxiety, depression etc. that’s why yoga for PCOS to get pregnant has been appreciated by working women who have huge work load.

Yoga for PCOS to get pregnant is very useful as per internet research. But there are scientific causes also. Yoga helps to enhance fertility in women body in three ways-

First, yoga therapy emphasises on energy flow in the body. Yoga position enhances the second chakra’s energy flow which is termed as seat of creation, where it is found the reproductive organs are present.

Second, yoga softens the abdominal regions and carries out any kind of tension around uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It stretches the abdominal region to increase the blood flow and it also helps during normal delivery procedure.

Third, we all know stress is a major issue for infertility and it affects the menstrual cycle. It also delays ovulation. Regular yoga practice helps to turn down stress and increases the chance of being pregnant.

According to Eden Fromberg, gynaecologist with soho OB-GYN and founder of Lily Yoga, New York City, said, any woman whether or not diagnosed with infertility, can get benefit from yoga. Relying on that, we can say, yoga for PCOS to get pregnant can give good results.

Yoga Poses For PCOS To Get Pregnant:- Yoga regulates the endocrine glands in body as per medical science, so it keeps balance of the hormones. Yoga has good effect to keep uterus and ovary healthy and fight with psychological problems. Yoga is is very useful for PCOS to get pregnant. There are some yoga poses generally known as asanas, meditation, pranayama that help to fight PCOS. So, yoga for PCOS to get pregnant brought good result in present days.

There are more or less 15 yoga therapies for PCOS to get pregnant. They are as follows

1 ) Nadisodhan Pranayama:- Nadisodhan pranayama is generally known as Anulum Vilom’. This yoga pose helps to calm the mind and refresh the brain nerves as well. As it brings peace to mind and comfort to body, it helps to cure PCOS naturally.

2 )Bhramri Pranayama: It is a kind of yoga therapy that controls the negative feeling in mind, such as, stress, anxiety, depression, tension etc. So it takes in control the mood swings and keeps the menstrual cycle in control.

3 )Meditation: Meditation also comes under yoga, which stabilize the mind and enhances comfort in mind and body which helps to resist PCOS naturally.

4 )Bhadrasana(Butterfly Pose): This one is an beneficial asana for those who are having PCOS. It should be practised with calm mind. It helps to stretch the pelvic area and increases relaxation. It also helps to overcome menstrual discomfort.

5 )Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation): There are plenty yoga poses in sun salutation and it enhances the flexibility in body and controls the hormonal imbalance. It is also effective the control weight. It helps de-toxify the whole body.

6 )Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose): Cobra pose puts immense pressure on stomach and helps to enhance ovarian function. It makes better the digestion, good for chest and lungs also.

7 )Naukasana(Boat Pose): naukasana is the special yoga treatment for PCOS. It puts extra pressure in abdominal region so helps to cure the PCOS.

8 )Dhanurasana: It is known as bow pose. It is effective for whole body.

9 )Warrior Pose:- It is known as superman pose. It increase stretching power the whole body and thus quietly helps to resist PCOS.

10 )Supta Badhakonasana: It is the butterfly pose in other way round. So, It also helps to make flexible the pelvic area.

11 )Bharadvajasana:- It is known as Bharadvajana’s twist. It puts pressure on whole body and as well as helps to keep normal circulation of blood flow.

12 )Chakki Chalanasana:- It helps to alter the function of endocrine gland and enhances the chances of hormonal secretion.

13 )Shavasana(Corpse Pose):- It also helps to calm down and thus relaxes the mind and body as well.

14 )Padmasana:- Padmasana also helps to make pelvic region really flexible and controls the imbalance of hormones. So, it is much effective for PCOS.

15 )Kapalbhati:- Kapalbhati is a process of rapidly breathing. It removes the stress from mind and thus effective for PCOS.

As PCOS gives rise to the complicacy of pregnancy, it also increases the risk of delivery also. There are chances of miscarriage; pre- mature birth etc. medications are also there but regular yoga which are prescribed for PCOS make the process far easy. It prepares the body to give birth normally to a baby.

Being a woman, desire of motherhood is natural, complications are part of life, medication may also fail sometimes. Nothing can give you assurance. But there are paths you can always choose and give it a try. If you’re unaware of this topic, I hope it would help you and you will, also someday, experience the greatest feeling ever in the world, To be a mother.
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