Yoga for Pcos to Get pregnant step by step


Yoga is a type of exercise that everyone can do. This form of exercise is usually known to be beneficial for your body and mind, but it can also help women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a common condition in women of reproductive age. This problem is usually caused by hormonal imbalance. What happens is that small cysts are created in the ovaries and they affect the hormones negatively by interfering with your normal menstrual cycle.PCOS is caused by many factors including depression,

PCOS is caused by many factors including depression, anxiety, excessive stress, perennial tension, poor living standards etc. Yoga has been proven to help deal with various causes of PCOS and that’s why yoga for PCOS to get pregnant is highly recommended. Yoga helps people to relax and this in turn helps you to handle PCOS symptoms and eventually resume your normal menstrual cycle.

Here are reasons why you should try yoga for PCOS to get pregnant:

Yoga helps by controlling stress

One thing that many women don’t know is that stress is a very important recipe for PCOS. Studies show that it’s normal for women to have irregular menstrual cycle when they are stressed. When a woman menstrual cycle is disrupted, there is a high possibility of delayed ovulation. What’s even more interesting is the fact that when you are stressed your partner feels it and this may cause him to produce less sperms. Regular practice of yoga can help you to deal with excessive stress.

Nowadays, many women who are struggling with PCOS are advised to try yoga for PCOS to get pregnant to treat their condition. Interestingly, many women have reported positive results and urged other women to try yoga. Of course, there are certain poses that are recommended and they can easily be learned at the comfort of your home.

Yoga boosts the flow of blood in your body 

The reasons you are diagnosed with PCOS might be because blood is not flowing well in your body. Many cases of fertility are as a result of blockages. Regular practice of yoga for PCOS to get pregnant helps to increase blood circulation and ensures that blood reaches vital parts of the body including the reproductive organs. Sufficient supply of blood in the reproductive organs helps it to create a perfect environment for a pregnancy. In addition, yoga helps in removing any tension around the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tube. When the abdominal region is stretched, blood flows well to the reproductive organs. If done correctly, yoga for PCOS to get pregnant can help you to stretch your abdominal area and boost the flow of blood to the reproductive organs.

Yoga helps by increasing energy flow

The main idea of doing yoga is to relax, focus and use your energy efficiently. This type of exercise focuses on utilizing the energy present in your body wisely. This is very important for women diagnosed with PCOS. Yoga for PCOS to get pregnant postures is designed to help you increase the flow of energy to your reproductive organ. In addition, yoga also helps you to activate this energy and use it wisely.

Yoga helps in maintaining a healthy ovary

As mentioned earlier, regular practice of yoga helps in increasing blood flow to various parts of the body including the reproductive organs. Sufficient flow of blood to the ovaries means that they are getting enough oxygen. Remember, ovary dysfunction is one of the major reasons why women fail to conceive. In this regard, you are advised to practice yoga regularly if you want to maintain a healthy ovary and be able to get pregnant. If you are also experiencing ovary related problems, yoga for PCOS to get pregnant can help you to deal with this problem naturally without having to undergo surgery or use other medications.

Recommended yoga poses to get pregnant

Alternate nostril breathing – This posture will help you to relax and calm your body and mind. It’s able to achieve this because it will help you to release excessive stress and remain calm. The idea here is, when you are stress free, you are able to think properly and maximize your energy. Study shows that a body and mind that is free from stress is able to respond well to other issues. This posture is highly recommended for women who are struggling with infertility issues.

Bee breath – If you think the reason why you have been diagnosed with PCOS is because of depression, anxiety, anger or body tension, bee breath yoga for PCOS to get pregnant is your best option. This technique is very effective for treating depression, anxiety, and anger. You have a higher chance of getting pregnant when you are relaxed and feeling comfortable. In this regard, it’s always in your best interest to ensure that you have a piece of mind and feel relaxed if you are planning to get pregnant. Bee breath yoga for PCOS to get pregnant can help you to achieve this and increase your chances of getting

Seated forward bend and standing forward bend

The first technique helps you to stretch your hips, hamstrings and your lower back. What’s even special about this posture is that it helps stimulate the ovaries and uterus and promises you better chances of conceiving. This pose increases your chances of getting pregnant because it also helps in reducing depression and stress.

The second posture helps in stretching all the muscles of your back. It’s also ideal for improving the blood circulation to the reproductive organs. Studies show that standing forward bend yoga for PCOS to get pregnant can also help you to improve the flexibility of your spine. In addition, it’s also recommended for reducing stress from the area around the abdomen.

Yoga sleep – This technique helps you to attain a balance state in your body and mind. You have always heard people telling you that if you focus you can do it. This is exactly what yoga sleep does. It enables you to concentrate on what you want to achieve and give you the power to achieve it. This method doesn’t have a direct effect on PCOS, but it’s very essential for couples who are trying to get a baby.

It’s evident that there are many benefits for yoga, especially if you are dealing with fertility issues. By following the yoga for PCOS to get pregnant poses mentioned above, you will boost your chances of becoming a mum.

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