White Blister in Mouth: Symptoms and Treatments



White blister in the mouth can affect both children and adults. They often occur on the tongue, lips, inner cheeks, palate, floor of the mouth and inner lips. They may have white patches in the middle and appear reddish on the circumference.Generally, only one score may be noticed, but there could be several sores in the mouth. They are often not serious and may heal on their own in a few days. Here are the major causes of white blister in mouth, followed by the symptoms and treatment options available.


– Trauma or Injury: Accidentally biting your cheek or using a denture which does not fit properly may cause injuries in the mouth, leading to this condition.

– Allergy: White blister in the mouth could be caused by allergic reactions to certain food items or medicine which you have undertaken. A type of food allergy called celiac sprue, which occurs due to gluten intolerance usually causes mouth blisters. Sometimes, chemicals in mouthwash, candies or toothpaste may trigger allergic reaction in your body, thus causing mouth sores.

– Viral Infections: Viral infections associated with viruses like herpes zoster or herpes simplex virus may lead to mouth blisters, ulcers in your mouth palate and sores on your lips. Herpes zoster usually causes mouth sores which only affect one side of your mouth. Another common viral infection which causes mouth blisters is known as gingivostomatitis. Mouth sores resulting from this viral infection usually cause severe pain which may last long even after they have been cured.

– Bacterial Infections: Bacterial infections resulting from bacteria of the gums, mouth or teeth can lead to this condition. Mouth blisters associated with bacterial infections are usually accompanied by inflammation in the mouth. These sores may also be filled with pus.

– Canker Sores: Mouth blisters could be caused by canker sores (also called aphthous ulcers) and by cold sores. The causes of canker sores are still unknown but they can be painful and cause discomfort to the affected individual.

– Inflammatory Disorders: Some inflammatory disorders, like inflammatory bowel diseases, may also cause blisters in the mouth. Behcet’s syndrome, an inflammatory disease affecting many body organs such as eyes, joints, skin, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels etc., can cause painful, persistent tongue and mouth blisters.

– Deficient Diet: Following a diet which lacks vital nutrients needed by the body may also lead to this condition. Deficiency of iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin B12 may cause it.


– A person with canker sores might have difficulties in eating, swallowing, breathing or talking.

– The sores might bleed when severely infected.

– White blister in mouth can be found in the soft tissues of the mouth, including lips, gums, tongue as well as the floor and roof of the mouth.

– The blisters look shiny and red. The swollen part of the mouth can easily be identified. – The blisters in the mouth might also bleed while brushing or eating.

– They may lead to pain or soreness in the mouth and throat.

– Sometimes, the affected person might experience burning sensation or dryness while eating cold or hot food.

– A white thin film may be noticed on the tongue or in the mouth.

– The person might also notice white patches and excess mucus in his/her mouth. – Some people may experience fever and listlessness.

– Sometimes, the lymph nodes might also get swollen.

   Home Remedies

– Saline Water Mouthwash: Saline water mouthwash can work wonders in curing white blister in mouth. Simply add one teaspoon of salt into a glass of lukewarm water, then swish it around the mouth a few times, three times every day. This will help get rid of mouth sores quickly. Blisters in the mouth are very contagious and the saline water prevents them from spreading to other parts of the mouth.

– Herbal Mouthwash: To prepare herbal mouthwash, simply add one tablespoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water, then boil. Strain the solution, then swish it around the mouth, at least three times a day.

– Aloe Vera Gel: Dab aloe vera gel on the blister before rinsing it off after about 10 minutes. Aloe vera will soothe the blister and speed up its healing. It also offers relief from the pain and burning sensation from canker sores.

– Dietary Supplements: Using vitamin C, zinc and folic acid supplements will help the healing process, thus providing quick relief.

– Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is known for its strong antiseptic properties, which can help prevent the blisters from spreading in the mouth. Applying dilute hydrogen peroxide to the blister will reduce the pain and heal the sore. Hydrogen peroxide can be diluted by mixing it with mineral water.

– Benzoin Tincture: Coating the healing sore with benzoin tincture will protect it from any further injury or trauma.

– Baking Soda: Using a paste made of baking soda and mineral water to coat the sore, or using a baking soda mouthwash can cure white blister in mouth.

– Honey: Applying honey directly to the sore can wonder in healing it. You can also apply a paste of honey and turmeric powder to the sore. Medications Management of white blister in mouth, caused by conditions or infections, will involve medical treatment of these conditions or infections first.

Generally, medicines like anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines are prescribed to treat mouth sores. Corticosteroid preparations that majorly contain hemisuccinate, triamcinolone acetonide or hydro cortisone are prescribed for inflammation and pain relief associated with the blisters. Topical medications (such as debacterol), and mouthwashes (such as tetracycline suspension liquid) can also help cure canker sores. If the blisters are accompanied by fever, it is advisable to consult a medical doctor immediately as these sores cannot be managed at home and may even worsen with time. Generally, doctors will prescribe medicines such as famciclovir, acyclovir or penciclovir. These medicines will speed up the healing process, thus reducing the associated fever. These tips will help you get rid of white blister in mouth. But if you are looking for a way to get rid of this condition quickly and permanently, then you need to try out the Yeast Infection No More program. It offers effective remedies and treatment plans that work.

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