Let Him Go to Get Him Back: Step By Step


Are you thinking about the possibility of meeting an ex-lover? Do you want to try it again? Then you are going to want to learn how to get him back; this article will do just that! Follow the tips in this article, and you may just be able to get your ex back and have a second chance.

1)  Patience is the key

Do not try to recover it after the break. When you see it, be polite – make eye contact and wave to it, but leave it at that for now.

2) After a while,

start trying to talk to him – but not for too long or too often. Leave some things that have not been said – the mystery is appealing to many men. If friends enter the room while you are talking to your ex, stop talking to him and turn your attention to your friends instead. You want to show him that it’s happy to see him, but that he’s not the only thing on your mind. You may also have some success in maintaining your interest in flirting with other guys during this time.

3) Pay attention to your appearance.

You want to be sure that you look good. This is not only good for your self-esteem, but you will be sure to look great every time you run into your ex. You will appear confident – that your ex, as most men will find very attractive.

4) Use (honest)

praise here and there to make your ex-feel good when it is around you. Remember the good times together; This reminds you of the links between the two of you and can make you start thinking about getting back with you.

After this is done, you will have made a bigger step in let him go to get him back

Who broke off the relationship?

5) Look honestly what caused the breakup.

Did you have a role to play in your game? Is this something that can be reversed? Can you do something to get things right, or is it too late to make amends? If you were partly to blame and you can do anything to do things right again, then do it now.

6) Be good with a little chat.

Try to start a brief conversation with your ex when it comes to meeting him. Do not start having a serious conversation about the breakup.

Just a regular chat and observe the way it is formed. You must be mysterious about what is going on inside your mind. Let the guy guess. This attracts men. The more you get confused, the more they will try to talk to you. If you are at a party and your ex is also present there do not make the mistake of talking to him all the time. Treat him like any other friend. You will think that it is not so important in your life anymore. You can also flirt with him a bit. That way you can know what you want.

7) 3R’s program (Recovering, Rekindling and Re-attraction)

The 3R’s is a program that helps women to manipulate their ex’s mind and let him go to get him back. This program is effective and has proven to work with almost over 1000 women responding positively to it. Recovering – in this phase, you will have to re-model your ex’s images and thoughts about you. In this case, you have to feed him with

Letting Him Go To Get Him BackRecovering – in this phase, you will have to re-model your ex’s images and thoughts about you. In this case, you have to feed him with constant stream of passionate and positive memories.

Rekindle – in this phase, you will learn exactly what to say to open a line of direct communication to his brain emotional center.

Re-attraction – this is the last phase of this program where you will give him the opportunity to act on the emotions you created in the recovery and rekindle phases.

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You are, at this stage, aiming to be friends with him. When he wants you back, when he’s ready, he’ll let you know. When you become your friend again, then you can gradually open to it, and share some happy, friendly moments. When your feelings for you return, then he will let you know.

Never go through these steps. Never be needy or desperate. Respect yourself. You are confident and attractive, and you have what they need. So be sure to play relaxed and allow yourself to be attracted to you. Things are as they are. If it’s meant to be then, you’ll surely learn how to beat him back.

These steps are just the beginning of learning to recover it.

And if you can not get it back? I know how difficult it can be to try to make you understand how special your love was, but if you want to make your heart belong to you again, you will have to learn a single formula that works wonderfully well.

There things that will be important to know and apply when it comes to how to return it to your life, especially if you want to raise the relationship to the next level and enjoy a more harmonious and passionate relationship the second time around. However, you need to start at the beginning and gradually build your relationship and love each other again at a pace that suits both and not what comes from a textbook.


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  1. We getting nice information through this blog. It’s Greate and Very Helpful. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi, my Boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago, we had been in a 5 years relationship. We did fight almost 1-2 times for month lately and most of the times started by me because i felt that i was giving too much and she didnt make the effort so that frustrated me and made me been irritable many times.

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