10 Tips on How to Fix Bow Legs Naturally


Bowlegs refer to a deformity of the legs where the knees tend to separate when a person is standing with both feet together. What more, when standing with feet together, the ankles tend to touch each other creating some form of letter . It is a condition that makes it hard for one to walk properly and it is said to arise from a curvature of the shin bones and thigh bones.

In medical terms, this condition is known as tibia vara. It is normal to find babies with this condition as a result of their folded position in the womb, but when children and adults develop it, it can be a cause for concern.

Some of the causes are:

Nutritional deficiency

Abnormal bone development


Vitamin D deficiency

Blount’s disease

Flouride poisoning

It is, therefore, advisable for parents to take their children for a checkup every six months to make sure that they have normal bone development. This is because if diagnosed early, it is very easy to correct in young children since their bones are still growing.

Well, irrespective of what caused it, the overall aim is to straighten bow legs. The good news is, there are natural remedies to bow legs without one resorting to surgery. So, here is how to fix bow legs:

· Treat underlying diseases

When you treat underlying diseases, bow legs can be dealt with without you having to resort to other remedies. For instance, if tumors are the cause of bow legs, chemotherapy or radiation can help. Lead poisoning can be also be treated with medication as well as lead binding injections and fluoride poisoning can be treated with fluoride binding chemicals.

· Take up exercises targeting hip adductor muscles

This is a group of muscles located in your inner thighs that are responsible for balancing your pelvis. So, exercising these muscles helps to fix bow legs as research has revealed that any weakness of these muscles at the hips can cause certain deformities such as bow legs.

In order to ascertain if your adductor muscles are weak, follow these steps: sit on a chair then look at your feet. If you experience difficulty bringing your knees together, your adductor muscles are weak.

To strengthen these muscles, start off with bringing your knees, ankles and toes together. Whenever you are seated, try to maintain this position to increase the strength of your adductor muscles. Here are more exercises on how to fix bow legs by strengthening hip adductor muscles:

Exercise 1

1. Lying on your side, place one hand in front of the body to enhance balance as the other hand supports your head.

2. Put one leg over the other one

3. As you exhale, raise your leg close to the arm that supports your head while moving this leg upwards. Do it slowly and gradually.

4. Repeat this exercise with both of your legs three times.

Exercise 2

1. In the same position, move one leg upright and then circle it from the ankle for 3      seconds.

2. Repeat this for 5-10 minutes.

 Use medical braces

If you have a child with bow legs, using casts, special leg braces and shoes can help correct this problem since their bones are still growing and therefore can be shaped. These ought to be worn by the child until the bones have straightened out.A health expert can also shed more light on how to fix bow legs using braces.

 Physiotherapy sessions

Find a physical therapist with many years of experience in how to fix bow legs. In these sessions, the patient lies down as the therapist moves the patient’s legs back and forth to stretch them.

 Lose weight

Carrying excess weight can make your bow leg condition worse. This is because your knees, as well as hips, will have to work harder to support your whole body. In doing so, your joints and bones suffer due to the extra pressure placed on them and before long, they will get distorted. Purpose to shed off some weight by eating a healthy diet and engaging in cardiovascular exercises.


Exercises like pilates are highly recommended as an effective way of fixing bow legs since they strengthen your leg muscles. They also help to realign your body, develop vital posture as well as correct bow legs. In case you are wondering how to fix bow legs using Pilates exercises, lie on your back with raised legs, then keeping your legs close together, move them up and down. To help strengthen abdominal muscles, raise your upper torso off the ground.

 Stretching exercises

Stretching is an effective way of enhancing your posture, legs and the overall body. Moreover, it helps to realign your muscular and skeletal systems which provide better support for your body.


This is another highly effective natural means of fixing bow legs since it boosts alignment and flexibility. People with bow legs may find it difficult to do yoga and so should make use of yoga straps to help them achieve yoga postures. These yoga straps help to bind the legs together when doing the exercises. Yoga, in general, helps to fix bow legs by strengthening leg muscles.

 Take vitamin D

Research has shown that vitamin D deficiency can cause bow legs. So, in order to cure it, you require to eat lots of foods rich in vitamin D or take vitamin D supplement. It is recommended for young children to take 400 to 1000 IU daily. Adults, on the other hand, ought to take 1500 to 2000 daily.

 Body detox

Are you wondering how to fix bow legs using body detox? Research has shown that detox is a very effective way of treating bow legs as certain chemicals and compounds can be stored in the body, therefore, affecting bones over time. These compounds include lead and fluoride. As a preventive measure, try to replace the lead water pipes with PVC or copper since they are safer. Also, before you drink any water filtrate it to get rid of fluoride and heavy metals.


Now that you know how to fix bow legs with natural remedies, there is no need to suffer anymore. Bow Legs No More is a permanent and effective remedy for anyone having bow legs. It comes with an easy to follow guide on how to fix bow legs with highly efficient exercises that you can do at the comfort of your home. Moreover, it’s very affordable, highly efficient, absolutely safe to use and has a 60 day refund guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about losing your money at all. What more, the ultimate icing on the cake: perfect, straight legs!

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