7 Natural Hemorrhoid Removal without Surgery Techniques


Well over half of the population will experience hemorrhoids at some point in their life. This condition is characterized by swollen veins around the rectum causing itching and pain. If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids
there are several options to get rid of them. Surgery is sometimes recommended. However, it’s an invasive and expensive method which you should only consider as the last resort. Luckily, if you’re looking for hemorrhoid removal without surgery techniques, there are several which you can try out right from home.
This guide will explain 7 different techniques.
Before getting started, it’s worth noting that some of these techniques won’t necessarily get rid of the hemorrhoids. They’re meant to help you manage the main symptoms (pain, inflammation, and itching) while your body heals naturally.

Take a warm bath after bowel movements

This is perhaps the easiest way to manage pain and itching. As a hemorrhoid removal without surgery technique, warm water helps to relieve pain. The warm water also helps to improve circulation. As oxygen and nutrient rich blood reaches the affected area, the body is able to naturally get rid of the hemorrhoids.For the best effect, it’s recommended that you sit in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. If possible, you can add Epsom salts to the bath. These will help to relieve pain faster.
Some people might recommend adding apple cinder vinegar to your warm bath. However, this is not advisable because vinegar can irritate the skin around the hemorrhoids making the pain worse.

Aloe vera

Fresh aloe vera sap is rich in anti inflammatory agents which can help to control itching and swelling around the anal area. It can also help to accelerate the healing process. It’s worth noting that the quality of the aloe vera matters a lot if you want to use it to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally. Only use fresh aloe vera sap as opposed to creams and ointments that contain additional ingredients which might make the hemorrhoids worse.

Ice treatment

If warm baths don’t seem to bring hemorrhoid relief, ice treatment might do the trick. This technique is particularly effective if you have large internal hemorrhoids that constantly bleed. As a hemorrhoid removal without surgery technique, ice treatment reduces swelling and inflammation. Applied for at least 10 minutes, ice can cause temporary relief for several hours. The main downside is that it results in constricted veins
therefore limiting the amount of oxygen and nutrient rich blood reaching the affected area.
If you’re using ice to manage hemorrhoids, make sure to warp the ice in a towel. Never apply ice directly to hemorrhoids as it might damage the surrounding skin.

Witch hazel

This is another popular way for hemorrhoid removal without surgery. The leaves and bark of this shrub contain astringent properties which are known to shrink tissue. When applied to hemorrhoids, witch hazel helps to reduce inflammation causing hemorrhoid to shrink faster.Besides having astringent properties, this shrub also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These help to relieve pain as well as accelerate the healing process. It can be found in various forms including liquid and as an ingredient in soaps. For the best
results, apply witch hazel by dabbing it lightly on the hemorrhoid several times a day.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains several properties which make it one of the most effective ways for hemorrhoid removal without surgery.
The anti-inflammatory properties of virgin coconut oil make it a good way to reduce swelling and inflammation around the anus. Simply apply coconut oil around the affected area several times a day.
Coconut oil also has moisturizing properties. You can therefore use it as a lubricant making it easier to pass stool especially if you’re constipated.
Coconut oil also contains medium-chain fatty acids. When introduced to the diet, these fats can help reverse irritable bowel syndrome which is one of the causes of hemorrhoids.

Dietary changes

All of the aforementioned ways of hemorrhoid removal without surgery techniques will not be effective if you don’t change your diet. One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation or diarrhea.
These two conditions will result in straining when passing stool making the hemorrhoids worse. Changing your diet can help to accelerate the healing process.
If you’re constantly constipated, changing to a diet rich in fiber can help to reverse the condition. Fiber helps to soften stool making it easier to pass. You should also increase your daily water intake. The same goes for diarrhea. Soluble fiber helps to draw water from stool making it harder.

Wear breathable underwear

Hemorrhoids are easily irritated by sweat. In turn, you’ll have the urge to scratch hemorrhoid to provide relief. Scratching can further inflame hemorrhoid and damage the surrounding tissue. An easy way to manage sweating is by wearing breathable, loose fitting underwear. If possible, go for cotton underwear due to its absorbent and breathable nature.

Hemorrhoid No More – A way to cure hemorrhoids naturally

Many of the aforementioned ways to get rid of hemorrhoids will require some time to work. For some, they will only manage the symptoms without tackling the root cause. This means that it’s likely that the hemorrhoids will recur sometime in the future. But what if you can permanently get rid of hemorrhoids fast and without surgery?
Hemorrhoid No More is a 5 step program that’s designed to help you get rid of hemorrhoids permanently. It was created by Jessica Wright, a former hemorrhoid sufferer who through research managed to find a holistic
method to treat her hemorrhoids. This system comes in a 150 page downloadable eBook that shows you hemorrhoid removal without surgery through detailed but simple steps. The system promises several things

that include:

– Getting rid of hemorrhoid symptoms within 48 hours or less
– Cure your hemorrhoids regardless of whether they are internal or external
– Different foods, exercises and lifestyle changes that will not only treat your hemorrhoids but prevent them from recurring
– Become healthier and many more
The main advantage of this hemorrhoid removal without surgery program is that it takes into account different natural treatment techniques that are backed by science. Jessica also offers lifetime updates to the system as well as 3 months free email consultation. It’s also quite inexpensive compared to other treatment methods such as over the counter drugs and surgery.


There are many different hemorrhoid removal without surgery techniques you can try out from home. Most of these are meant to manage the symptoms while your body naturally heals itself. Although inexpensive, these techniques will require several weeks for you to see results. The Hemorrhoids No More system offers and equally inexpensive way for hemorrhoid removal without surgery. The great thing about this system is that it’s holistic and is backed by scientific research. In the form of a downloadable eBook, you can be on your way to being hemorrhoid free within the next few hours.

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