Candidiasis of Skin and Nails Symptoms and Cure


Candidiasis of Skin and Nails Symptoms and Treatment

also known as, candidosis or oidiomycosis, is a common fungal infection caused by yeast overgrowth in the body. This infection is often caused by a type of fungus called Candida allicin, though there are 20 other species. While it is normal for these fungi to live on the body surface, they tend to overgrow beyond their normal numbers, thus leading to candidiasis.

Generally, exposed parts of the body such as skin folds, underarms or between the nails are more prone to this infection. If the surface level infections of candidiasis, which are easily noticeable on the skin and nails, are not managed in time, they may extend to the internal organs and tissues and that may be fatal. Although there are numerous symptoms of candidiasis, this article just focuses on its symptoms on the skin and nails.

Candidiasis of Skin and Nails Symptoms These symptoms depend on the infected part of the body and vary from person to person. The most commonly yeast infected parts of the body are ears, groin, armpits, vaginal area and between the nails. Symptoms of yeast infection on the skin and nails include severe itching, swelling, burning, soreness, redness, and pain in the infected skin area. Scratching of the affected area may cause bleeding and other skin infections. Another visible symptom is white, green or yellow patches. Similar symptoms develop for external vaginal candidiasis, in which the vaginal area is affected. While the symptoms above are seen in people with Candidiasis, there are some other conditions that may also lead to the same symptoms. Therefore, it is advisable to talk to a doctor before taking any action.

Candidiasis of Skin and Nails Causes If the candidiasis of skin and nails symptoms are left untreated, they may reach the vital organs or bloodstream, which can be fatal. Therefore, knowing the factors that can lead to this condition would be helpful.

  Here are the common causes of candidiasis:

– Regular use of antibiotics is a major cause of candidiasis. Antibiotics kill the bacteria responsible for hindering fungi growth. Hence the fungi continue growing, which leads to the candidiasis of skin and nails.

– Weakened immune system is another major cause of yeast infection. Weak immunity aids the development of yeast infection in the body since there are lesser amounts of antibodies present to fight and hinder the growth. This explains why people with AIDS or cancer are more susceptible to this condition because they have weaker immune system.

– Intake of steroids may also cause the growth of candidiasis of skin and nails symptoms. This occurs because regular consumption of steroids often increases level of glucose in the body, which in turn triggers the growth of candidiasis.

– If diabetics do not follow the recommended diet or take proper medication due to fluctuating glucose levels, they can develop this infection.

– Lower estrogen levels after menopause may lead to the growth of candidiasis. This is because the lower estrogen levels limit the production of glycogen, hence accelerating the growth of the fungus.

– Heavy metal toxicity can cause the growth of yeast in the body. While breathing, you may inhale tiny particles of metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. These metal particles accumulate in the cells which automatically minimizes the ability of the human cells to generate energy. The absence of energy increases the toxicity of the metal particles which are very harmful to vital organs like liver and brain. The body then makes attempts to protect itself from the negative effects of these metals and this causes incessant growth of yeast.

– Poor diet is also a major cause of yeast overgrowth. Diets rich in sugar and carbohydrates give the Candida fungus sufficient energy to develop and spread. But organic foods, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, help to hinder the growth of yeast.

– Other indirect causes include stress and excessive exposure to herbicides and pesticides.


There are many treatment methods for external candidiasis such prescription or over-the-counter, antifungal creams and ointments. A suppository may also be used, especially for treatment of infections of the vagina.

Oral antifungal capsules and tablets should be used under proper supervision by a doctor. In other words, it is advisable not to self-administer drugs since they might interact with other medications. Just like other medical treatments, you need to complete the medication dose as directed by a physician to prevent the recurrence of external yeast infections.

Candidiasis treatment depends upon your past medical record as well as the severity and location of the infection. Only a medical doctor is able to advise on the right treatment plan for any situation.

Home Remedies Effective home remedies for getting rid of candidiasis of skin and nails symptoms include the application of tea tree oil, yogurt mixture, aloe vera juice and oregano oil.

Personal hygiene is very important when it comes to combating the symptoms of this infection. The infected part should be kept dry and clean so that yeast growth is restricted. Also, avoid sprays and wipes.

Consuming good amounts of yogurt can help hinder the spread of yeast as yogurt contains Lactobacillus bacteria. Many studies suggest that a diet with low sugar and fats can help starve the yeast to death. Inculcating proper hygiene habits, taking prescription medications and following healthy lifestyle habits can work wonders in getting rid of candidiasis. These home remedies may help in relieving minor symptoms of yeast infection.

But it is advisable to seek professional medical assistance with regards to yeast infection. For example, candidiasis that appears on the face or between the nails, sometimes, might have reached your digestive tract too. So consulting a qualified doctor will help you determine the level of the symptoms.

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