Bow Legged Women: Treatment Today


Bowlegs is a medical condition referred to as Geru Varum. It arises when the tibia rotates inwardly causing the leg to look bowed out. This physical deformity makes a person’s knees stay wide apart while standing with feet and ankles together. It, therefore, gives one the appearance of an archers bow. Moreover,it can cause knee or hip misalignments, which results to knee pain or even injuries.

It is said that there are more bow legged women than men but this is yet to be proven scientifically. However in Asia, it is thought that 90% of women are bowlegged.

Common causes of Bow legs

This condition may be seen in both knees or in only one knee. The following are some of the most common causes of bow legs condition in women:

· Infections like osteomylitis

· Growth abnormalities of upper tibial epiphysis

· Trauma near the growth epiphysis of femur

· Tumors affecting the lower end of femur and upper end of tibia

· Rickets which is caused by a lack of vitaminD

· Accidents and injuries

· Occupational disorders

· Developmental defects

· Postural abnormalities

· Hormonal disorders

· Abnormal bone development

· Blount’s disease

· Fractures that do not heal properly

· Lead or flouride poisoning.

What many bow legged women don’t realize is that this condition can be treated without surgery. The surgical procedure itself entails realigning the bone with the mean of a computerized external fixation that guarantees significant results. However, there are many serious risks posed by surgery such as

bone infection

unsightly scarring

nerve damage

metal clamps on your legs

removing, breaking and straightening certain bones

If surgery and braces aren’t however an option, you may want to look into bowlegs correction exercises. Over time, fitness trainers who train female athletes have realized the invaluable benefits of targeting the knees and hips during training as this enhances their strength, speed, directions and heights. When hip and knee strengthening exercises are done with proper form, balance and stability training, in the same way they provide the much needed support in bow legged women.

Here are natural exercises that bow legged women can engage in to achieve great results.

1. Yoga

Even though it’s not an easy exercise to do with bow legs, it yields remarkable results. Yoga is known to improve body alignment and flexibility in bow legged women, which further improves the condition. To do yoga with less difficulty, tie your legs together with a strap. This helps to align their position and strengthen them. Binding your legs together further allows you to perform a variety of yoga postures.

2. Pilates

Just like yoga, these exercises help to improve body alignment and posture. Moreover, some pilate exercises strengthen the leg muscles.

3. Massage therapy

Here, the legs are moved around by a therapist in order to improve flexibility and help straighten them. The therapist works by manipulating the legs back and forth when a person is lying down.

4. Leg strengthening exercises

These serve to strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees, therefore, alleviating some of the pressure placed on bow legs. They involve placing a weight between the feet, bending and re-straightening the legs.

5. Hip adductor exercises

These exercises target the muscles around your hips in order to strengthen them. It is thought that an imbalance in these muscles can result to bow legs condition. If you want to know if your adductor muscles are weakened, then attempt to bring your knees together while on a sitting position. In case you experience difficulties doing so, well, that is an indicator of weak muscles. However, the good news is that there are target exercises that you can perform to strengthen them over time.

Apart from exercises, there are other corrective remedies for bow legs condition in women such as braces. Braces that are specifically designed to help bow legged women are known as unloader braces. They are tailor made to reduce pain and other uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with it. In addition, bow legged women should take a diet that is rich in calcium and essential vitamins such as vitamin D.

The beauty of bow leg exercises is that they help in preventing further aggravation of the condition. If done consistently, one is bound to see great improvements in the condition. The ripple effect is improved self-esteem and confidence in bow legged women.

 Fashion tips for bow legged women:

Bowlegs has been known to cause self-esteem issues especially in women making them conscious of what they wear. However, just like with other body flaws, bow legs condition is no exception. There are still many ways bow legged women can flatter their figure with good choice of clothing. In light of this, they should try incorporating the following tips in their wardrobe style.


They should go for mid-calf length skirts, flared skirts, good skirts and avoid straight knee length skirt. It’s not a good idea for bow legged women to wear breeches, capris and Bermuda shorts. It also goes without saying that one should avoid mini and tight skirts especially stretch jeans and vertical stripe pantyhose.

To draw attention away from the legs, they should wear wide pants or flared skirts. Bow legged woman should choose dark colors. They should avoid fitting pants since the aim is to draw the eye from the shape of the leg. One should also go for longer skirts that are full or flowing as they cover a multitude of flaws.


When it comes to footwear, a general rule of thumb is to avoid flat shoes and high heeled shoes as they tend to, unfortunately, draw attention to the outward curve of the leg. It is, therefore, better to wear medium heeled shoes if you have bowlegs.

There is, therefore, hope for bow legged women in form of bow legs exercises since they are designed to straighten out bow legs when done consistently. In the end when a woman sees the transformation that has taken place, their confidence soars greatly. The bottomline is: There is absolutely no need to wallow in self-defeating thoughts and despair as there is now an effective remedy in Bow Legs No More.

Bow Legs No More are highly efficient targeted exercises that you can easily do on your own. Furthermore, it comes with an easy to follow step-by-step guide that clearly outlines how to undertake these exercises. It is a permanent remedy and one that is most recommended for its remarkable results. In addition, it is very affordable, safe to use and comes with a 60 day refund guarantee thus giving you value for your money. Overall: This all-in-one package is the perfect solution for bow legged women.

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  2. I have bow legs too. I have a very low self esteem because of this. I want my legs to be normal. Please help me. I don’t have enough money for surgery. I am so much willing to try every safe possible cure or remedy for my situation.

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