angular cheilitis vs cold sore: difference and treatment


That disgusting looking lip sore or lip blister around your lips or on the corner of lips can be symptoms of canker sore, fever blister, cold sore or angular cheilitis. The symptoms of these diseases are although similar their causes and treatment are different. Angular cheilitis vs cold sore; let’s inspect them closely.

Symptoms and diagnosis of cold sore.

A cold sore (also known as Herpes Simplex Type 1 or fever blister) is characterized as a group of blisters or more commonly single fluid-filled blister. The disease is contagious and can often lead to genital Herpes or Herpes Simplex Type 2. Cold sores or herpes mouth sores on lips is not only difficult to get rid of but also have the chances of reoccurring time to time. Moreover, the patient has to be very responsible and careful so that the virus doesn’t get transmitted to other people.

Causes of cold sore

Illness – Either severe or mild.

Stress – Both emotional and physical


Symptoms of cold sore

Individual that has suffered from cold sore on and off for many years dread the stinging and burning sensation that is normally felt long before its appearance. An affliction is also seen on the corner of lips or mouth. The usual symptoms are appearance of multiple or single blister on the lips. These can also manifest as sores on the sides of your mouth. Symptoms like sores on the roof of mouth is not associated with cold sore and can be caused by change in prescription drug.

Diagnosis for fever blister or cold sore.

Usually, people who already has prior experience knows from its initial symptoms that he/she is going to suffer another outbreak of the disease. However, if it’s your first time or you are uncertain, go for laboratory tests like virus culture, DNA and PCR to diagnose the virus.

How cold sore is transmitted?

Herpes simplex type 1 or cold sores is transmitted by sores on the skin and through oral secretions. Kissing, sharing of toothbrushes and eating utensils can spread the virus.

The disease can be treated with medicines like Abreva which can help in decreasing the pain and make the healing process faster. In earlier days there was no long-term remedy for cold sore but in today’s world, a number or home treatment, as well as conventional medicines, are available.



Symptoms and treatment of angular cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis is usually characterized by crusted over lip’s corner cracks, sores, and splits. It can appear in both the corner the mouth or at the spot where the lips meet. It is usually not contagious and is often mistaken with cold sores, herpes simplex 1 and Aids.

It can happen to anyone irrespective of age, social background or country. No one is immune to this diseases and old people with poor denture fittings and individuals who spend majority of their time outside of their house are more to the disease. This painful disease is also known as perleche angular stomatitis, angular cheilitis perleche, Stomatitis angular cheilosis, cheilitis and cheilitis.


Along with crusty cracks in the corners of the lips, the symptoms of the ailment include

Itching resulting to frequent lip licking.

Redness of the entire lips or the infected area.


Sensation of Pain in the entire lip area.

Secretion of ooze pus

Lip licking because of the itching


There are several causes for angular cheilitis. Mostly it is caused by a fungus called Candida which is always present on your lips and sometimes grows abnormally leading to crusty and deep lesions. The fungus needs moisture to survive and because the crack causes itching, you lick the area providing the essential moisture to the fungus. It can be also caused by poor fixture of dentures, vitamin deficiency, and exposure to severe weather conditions.

Angular cheilitis vs cold sore

People usually mistake cold sores for other mouth diseases like angular cheilitis so, when it comes to making distinction between angular cheilitis vs cold sore, a few points must be kept in mind. Both cold sore and angular cheilitis have different symptoms. Understanding the symptoms properly can help a person distinguish if he/she is spurring from cold sore or angular cheilitis.


One of the ways to determine if an individual is suffering from cold sore or angular cheilitis is by its duration. Cold sores are mainly caused by oral herpes virus and last usually between two to three weeks. Angular cheilitis is caused by bacterial or fungal infection inside the corners of your mouth and usually lasts longer than two to three weeks.


Another method for determining if an individual is suffering from cold sore or angular cheilitis is by its location. Cold sores usually appear straight on the lips with no fixed location. Angular Cheilitis only affects the corner of your mouth.


One of the ways to tell the difference between angular cheilitis vs cold sore is by identifying the way the disease appears. Cold sores usually begin as an itch on the lips which it eventually grows into a number of little blisters. Angular cheilitis initially causes drying and cracking of the skin at the lips. If not treated, angular cheilitis may cause red and swollen sores at the corners of your lips.


Another way of differentiating between Angular cheilitis vs cold sore is by the progression of the condition. The tiny blisters of cold sores will finally become one huge weeping blister. On extreme stages, angular cheilitis will cause the corners of the mouth split further forming open wounds which may bleed and cause extreme pain.

The above data will enable you to differentiate between angular cheilitis vs cold sores. Use your power of observation to determine the disease and seek medical help as soon as you start experiencing the initial symptoms.

The quickest way to cure angular cheilitis

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