Choosing an Academy of Martial Arts That Is Right For You?


Knowing how to properly defend oneself against an attack is a vital skill that every person should master. You never know when you’re going to need to get yourself out of a dangerous situation. At any academy of martial arts, it’s their mission to promote safety, giving everyone the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. Now, not everyone is going to become the next Bruce Lee, but there are plenty of self-defense and martial arts training programs that will suit any person’s background, skillset, and body type, enabling them to take down aggressors and emerge unscathed. By preparing yourself with the proper knowledge and awareness, you can swiftly and effectively escape a sticky situation with confidence.

Joining a local dojo is a great way to develop practical self-defense skills, confidence, mental alertness, and physical agility. However, it does have a downside. Joining an academy of martial arts can be really expensive. Training can take months or even years to develop the proper skills. Plus, there’s just the simple hassle of having to drive down to the dojo and find classes that fit around your schedule. Luckily, thanks to the modern technology, there is another solution.

Many experienced fighters are now making their martial arts training academies available online, at a much lower cost than joining a dojo. Better yet, these programs are designed to give you practical skills for self-defense in a short amount of time, without a lengthy commitment. So, if you’re looking to join an academy of martial arts, you may consider looking for an online program. Below are three of the top online academy of martial arts programs available, helping you achieve your safety goals faster.

Real Life Self Defense

First on the list is Real Life Self Defense, developed by the bodyguard to Rambo himself, Mike Gillette. As an Army veteran, tactical trainer, and former SWAT commander, Mike has extensive knowledge in an array of combat and self-defense techniques. Even the Department of Homeland Security has hired him as a counter-terrorism consultant. Now, he’s sharing his knowledge with the public. Mike has developed his own academy of martial arts to give you the tools you need to defend yourself and your family from potential threats.

Real Life Self Defense is a three-part video series, each one designed to make you skilled in a specific area of defense. The first video series, Protection & Targets, teaches proper self defense posture, the proper way to fall, how to counteract the attack method most used by unarmed attackers, and the best place to strike your attacker for the greatest effect. The second video series teaches you about the natural weapons of the body. Here, you’ll learn how to use your bodies in ways you may not expect, turning you an effective weapon against an attacker. In the third video series, Mike focuses on subject control – how to utilize applied force to your advantage, how to deal with an attack from behind, and what to do when you are pinned to the ground.

Along with the three videos, Real Life Defense also offers two bonus videos. The first teaches you how to defend yourself against an attacker who is armed with a knife. The second bonus video deals specifically with rape – practical methods to escape a sexual assault. Another benefit of Mike’s program is that it provides you with a powerful knowledge that a lot of other training programs leave out – criminal psychology. Believe it or not, this entire program is available for less than $40, helping move it to the top of our academy of martial arts recommendation list.

First Strike

The next online academy of martial arts worth checking out is First Strike. Lead by another former SWAT commander, Todd Lamb, First Strike also focuses on self-defense techniques that any person can use, regardless of previous training and fitness level. Todd Lamb served in the Canadian Forces SSF, developing a set of powerful tactical skills during his time there. The nature of his training required him to develop these skills quickly, learning how to efficiently defeat an attacker in only a few weeks. The techniques he learned focused on natural human reflexes, and are combative used by the military. Now, together with martial arts instructor Ari Knazan, he’s sharing them with you.

These combative teach you how to fight on instinct, effectively reacting to any situation thrown at you. This is a huge benefit to Todd and Ari’s program. Rather than a traditional academy of martial arts that assumes there are rules in place, First Strike knows that there are no rules in real life. The First Strike technique teaches you how to instinctually respond to any threat, using only 17 moves. Plus, not a single one of those 17 moves take more than three minutes to learn. That makes this one of the quickest self-defense lessons out there. And, for less than $30, it also makes it one of the least expensive. Also thrown into the deal are two First Strike manuals. The first instructs on how to defend yourself simply by projecting confidence, making you less vulnerable to an attack. The second teaches you how to achieve a greater level of situational awareness. The first Strike aims to help people avoid an attack when possible, and quickly shut one down if confronted.

Fight 4 Family

Last, but not least, we have Fight 4 Family, an online academy of martial arts that focuses on protecting your whole family. Developed by John Hartman, a US Armed Forces veteran, Fight 4 Family teaches practical self defense tactics that focus on natural instinct. He breaks down the moves into separate categories. One category is for lethal moves that should only be used if your life is on the line, while the other is One thing Fight 4 Family offers that others on this list do not, is how to use simple, everyday objects as powerful weapons against an attacker. In one of his bonus videos, John teaches you how to make a slingshot, a bow, a collapsible steel baton, a bow, pepper spray, and even a thermite grenade.

Another benefit to the Fight 4 Family Academy of martial arts is that it really is family friendly. It teaches skills that any member of your family can benefit from, all the way from your second-grader to your grandmother. While we’re confident you’ll find value in Fight 4 Family, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, it does come with a 100% money back guarantee. So really, what do you have to lose?

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