5 Best solutions for Removing Cat Urine Odor in your home

cat urine odor removal home remedy

Having a cat that inappropriately eliminates inside of the house can be the most frustrating aspects of being a cat owner. It’s mentally and emotionally strenuous coming home from a busy day of work, only to find puddles of pee on the carpet.The horrible stench of cat urine in your home is also ruining your social life. It’s incredibly embarrassing having guests come over since your entire house smells like cat pee!
Let me say, right up front, we love cats! Many people believe they are allergic to cats. What most people don’t realize is that what they mistake for allergies to cats is an allergic reaction to cat urine.
Anyone that has had cat urination issues knows how difficult it is to remove the urine odor from your home. The spots of urine are very hard to remove, no matter how hard you try. They just won’t go away. Unless you apply the correct cat urine odor removal home remedy, you may have to put tarps on your furniture or even worse completely replace your sheets, carpet, and furniture. This is a big time and money suck.
Perhaps in your attempt to find the best cat urine odor removal home remedy, you’ve tried everything but still, can’t figure out why your once lovely cat is being such a monster. Thoughts of having to give up your furry friend start appearing in your mind. Did you know that cats peeing outside of the litterbox are the number 1 reason why cats are relinquished to shelters?
You might need cat urine odor removal home remedy. Luckily, there are some sure ways to eliminate the cat urine smell from your house for good. Not only will this cat urine odor removal home remedy can make your home feel a lot better, it discourages your cat from peeing all over your house again and again since they are attracted to eliminate their urine smell. Pretty soon, you’ll have a well-behaved cat.The following are some of the solutions that can help you solve this problem.

Using a Purifier

If you have cats, you have urine floating in the air in your home. With the proper air purifier, you can effectively eliminate that suspended cat urine and lead a healthier lifestyle breathing pure fresh air. The way it works is quite simple. You purchase one of the electronic purifiers, perform a few purification processes in your home or office, place the purifier in a strategic location, then forget about it. Before you realize it, the cat urine odor has disappeared, and you are breathing healthy again! An air purifier is not the same as an air filter. Air purifiers destroy the particulate that causes the smell whereas an air cleaner traps particulate floating in a circulatory pattern created by the air cleaner fan. This is why an air purifier is much more useful and desired cat urine odor removal home remedy over an air filter.
The air purifier attacks the particulate everywhere, not just in the air circulatory pattern found when using air filters. A good air purifier will use a combination of ionization, ozone creation, and catalytic reactive coatings utilizing U.V. Utilizing this technology can make your home seem like there are no cats. This simple but technological method of air purification can completely clear your home of the “cat smell.” Just plug it in, and you are in business!

Baking Soda

Have you ever wondered why people always place baking soda in their refrigerators and freezers? Baking soda is a natural cat urine odor removal home remedy that attracts and eliminates strong smells. Fully apply baking soda everywhere after it has been absorbed dry and cleaned with fresh water.Rub the baking soda into the area being treated as intensely as possible for best results. Let the baking soda dry, and vacuum excess powder or residue to complete the process. Though baking soda cannot achieve the deep clean most people want, it is an excellent way to initially neutralize odors while you prepare yourself for more extensive cleaning.


For years pet owners have used vinegar and water to eliminate pet odors on carpets. Though vinegar and water are effective cat urine odor removal home remedy, when dealing with cat wee, undiluted vinegar is a better option. Use white or apple vinegar to thoroughly saturate the affected area to eliminate odors that have seeped into the carpet or floor boards.Vinegar is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including hardwood floor. The intoxicating smell of the vinegar should dissipate in no more than an hour, taking the strong cat urine smell with it.
Hydrogen Peroxide
If you are trying to save an area from losing color, use hydrogen peroxide to kill remaining odors being caused by bacterial growth. Test a small area by pouring undiluted hydrogen peroxide on it. Wait two hours to see if any bleaching occurs before treating the rest of the affected area. Thoroughly soaking an area that a cat urinated on with hydrogen peroxide will kill the bacteria that cause pet stains to begin smelling again after a couple of days.

Using Onion

Another way to completely remove smell is to place an onion over the affected area. The onion absorbs the urine odor without leaving a strong onion smell. However, this cat urine odor removal home remedy might eliminate cat urine odor, but does not clean the area and kitty will soon return to the same spot and the process begins again.
Fortunately, with the correct tools and prescription as well as a good cat urine odor removal home remedy, getting rid of this problem is not hard. There is an amazing digital product called “Cat spraying No more.” This will provide you with well-proven techniques on how to ensure your cat never pee outside the litter box.This can be the easiest way to bid goodbye to all the embarrassments caused by the smell of cat urine.


The goodness of the “Cat spraying No more” is that it has been proven to work well with lots of people across the world. Again, you don’t need to step out of your home looking for it. All you need to do is to order it and instantly get access to a complete system. The mode of delivery is so simple that it does not consume your valuable time. Only some few seconds and you have it!
Furthermore, when you order the “Cat spraying No more,” you will get free bonuses! The gifts include Cat Training Bible, 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat, The Cat Care Blueprint and Pet Medical Recorder Software.In case you are not satisfied with the product, you will have nothing to worry about since just use the address in the order you have to send a complaint, and you will be reimbursed your money!

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bow legged women

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how to fix bow legs

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